Atheist to Mennonite

It’s funny that by no intention, this post is about my salvation…and on Sunday, we celebrate the rising of Jesus.

I spent time with my new boyfriend’s family since we were dating now. A lot of time. He worked in agriculture, so he was basically working nonstop Monday through Saturday from February to July preparing for planting.

I was at their house one night, and his sister said, “I don’t know how I would’ve gotten this far in my life without God.”

At this point, I don’t know if they knew that I was Atheist, so I’m sitting there thinking, “What the heck does that even mean? You just do it. You don’t need a god for that.”

I usually stayed at their house late, like 11pm or so, just so I could see him for a few minutes before he tiredly headed to bed for the next 18 hour day.

I was driving home in my green Saturn – the first car I bought on my own working a whole summer to save up. As I was driving down a long winding road, as Carrie Underwood as it sounds, I literally felt like I wasn’t driving the car. It was straight “Jesus Take the Wheel.”

A wave come over me. It was almost totally out of my control. I asked Jesus into my heart. It’s still so odd to say that out loud. I’m only 13 years old in Jesus. How strange.

Finding salvation in Jesus as a young adult is an interesting journey. I didn’t have any of the conditioning that said I had to act a certain way, and let me tell you – things like swearing and speaking my mind were still very much part of the equation. <— Some of that still hangs on. *shrug*

I don’t really remember telling his family that I was saved, but I do remember more actively going to church and starting to navigate that as an adult. I wanted to fit in (there’s a theme here, if you remember last week’s story). We went to a Mennonite church. Not super conservative, and only the older crowd wore coverings – but nonetheless, a Mennonite church.

You read that right. I went from 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds. Atheist to Mennonite.

Again, I did all the things. Deep down, I knew I was saved. I felt saved. But it’s hard to go from an Atheist having sex with a married man almost daily not caring about anyone but myself to a good Mennonite church going girl.

And how do I explain to my friends that I’m Christian? Just out of the blue?

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