Fairytale Wedding…followed by job loss.

We were super excited to plan our wedding – in 6 months. Not to worry, I had planned one before, and my parents had planned 3.

Our venue was amazing. We got married at an old cigar factory. It was pretty fresh on the venue market, and we got married on a Monday – so the price was perfect. We went with a western winter vibe – black bridesmaids dresses, black jeans for the guys, snowflakes, lanterns, themed around our road trip – it was just the best.

We honeymooned in Pigeon Forge, TN. We traveled down in our Expedition, my parents kept Bud and we were so ready for some time away after the craziness of wedding planning. Our trip down was flawless; we enjoyed the off season in Gatlinburg, took a long slow drive through Cade’s Cove in the Smokey Mountains and our cabin on top of a mountain overlooking Pigeon Forge was so relaxing.

While we were there, we made two knives out of a horseshoe with a local blacksmith. It was so fun. Zad had some experience with forging from shoeing horses before becoming a State Constable, but neither of us had ever made a knife.

On our way home, we stopped off in Harrisonburg, VA and stayed at a bed and breakfast. They brought the most delicious breakfast to our door…the jacuzzi, the robes, the wine, the king bed…fairytale-esqe.

The honeymoon was too short. We could’ve explored National Parks between TN and home for days. But alas, the world was still spinning at home.

We knew it was coming, but not long after we got home, we got word that Zad’s days as a Constable were probably numbered. The state was restructuring how warrants were handled, which basically meant – little to no work short of moonlighting (private security).

We sort of knew this was coming, but we were hoping it wouldn’t happen right after our wedding. We wanted to get settled – maybe buy a house – before the work came to a screeching halt. My job was fine, and it paid well enough for what it was; however, it wasn’t really enough for us to live on as a family of 3.

Zad was still working Sundays doing church security, but the work week was hard. I was going to work Monday through Friday. Zad was taking care of Bud most days now because he was home. It just wasn’t working. I was gone 5 days. Zad worked Sundays. Sometimes he worked Saturdays, if there were local events or church services he was working. That meant no days together. If Bud was at his dad’s for the weekend, even worse – no time for our family of 3.

This was not the life we wanted. What was the point in even being married?

God is funny. Those knives we made on our honeymoon, we had no idea that they were going to be the spark that planted our desire to become entrepreneurs just less than 4 months into our new marriage.

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