Food Preservation Pressure Canning

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Food Preservation Pressure Canning: Don’t be Scared

Pressure canning seems scary. Will I blow up the house? Will the lid blow off and explode my kitchen? 
Probably not. 
You’ll likely get started pressure canning and pressure can all kinds of goodies without issue. But you should still be familiar with the safety protocols for pressure canning and learn about how to pressure can safely. 
How to Pressure Can

Food Preservation Pressure Canning: 

What is canning in food preservation?

Canning food means you are safely heating jars to a specific temperature for a certain amount of time which renders the food shelf stable for a certain amount of time. 
Water bath canning means you process the jars in a water bath canner: aka you boil water over jars in a large pot. 
Pressure canning means you process the jars in a closed top canner that locks and comes to a specified pressure to properly seal the jars. 


Food Preservation Pressure Canning: 

What Pressure Canner Should I Buy? 

It’s always daunting buying a new tool or appliance. How much should I expect to spend? What brand is best? What has good reviews? 
Maybe since the pandemic: What is in stock? 
We have an All American Pressure Canner 930. It holds 14 quarts at once. It’s easy to use with a weighted gauge and a dial gauge. 
We started with an inexpensive Mirro. We tried canning water with it when we were learning, and nothing was sealing. We just could not get the hang of it. After several failed attempts, we decided it was time to upgrade. The All American is top quality. It’s well made, sturdy, and they have several options at different price points. 
We like having the ability to do 14 quarts at once because obviously it saves time. We can produce twice the amount of jars in the same time. There are All Americans that hold only 7 quarts, which is just one layer. Ours holds 2 layers. 
There is also Presto brand. Presto and Mirro will both work; they just weren’t for us. 
I have noticed that it’s hard to find All Americans since the pandemic. They do seem to often be out of stock. Check places like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or maybe even Mercari. Keep checking All American’s site, too. 
Food Preservation Pressure Canning
Always precook your ground meats before pressure canning. This will prevent it from having a dog food type consistency. We love pressure canning ground venison and bison! You could also do ground chicken, turkey, beef, or whatever ground meat your family loves. These are so good to have on the shelf for quick tacos, burritos, chili, and more!
Food Preservation Pressure Canning
Mandy Leggett

Food Preservation Pressure Canning: 

What foods need pressure canned? 

Canning food preservation examples: 
For pressure canning, anything low acid – basically – needs pressure canned. This would be things like carrots, beans, potatoes, meat, broth, chili, etc. 
We love water bath canning things like salsa, jams, applesauce, peaches and more. But water bath canning just doesn’t cut it for everything. 
Having a variety of foods on the shelf is important to us, and being able to pressure can allows us to expand on food stores. 
Freezing food preservationdehydrated food preservation, and freeze drying food preservation are all great methods to preserve food, as well. You can read more about them in my other blogs, on our Wayward Homesteaders podcast, or our YouTube channel for more food preservation recipes and bottling food preservation ideas. 
Food Preservation Pressure Canning

Food Preservation Pressure Canning: 

Step by Step Guide to Pressure Canning

Step 1: Read your manual. Every pressure canner varies. We have an All American 930, so my instructions would only apply to that canner. 
Step 2: Read your Ball book to follow safe pressure canning recipes. I also like this book
Step 3: Prepare your food. That could be cooking ground meat, cutting up chunks of meat, adding salt to jars of green beans, washing potatoes, etc. 
Step 4: Follow each recipe. Some may call for cold water, cold jars, cold food. Some may call for hot jars, hot water, hot food. 
Step 5: Fill the canner with about 3″ of water. You do not fill the canner with water like when you water bath can. 
Step 6: Add your jars with lids and rings, as you would with water bath canning. 
Step 7: Process for the time and pressure indicated in your recipe. 
Food Preservation Pressure Canning

Food Preservation Pressure Canning

Are you interested in pressure canning and taking your food preservation skills to the next level? 

Tune into this episode to learn about what foods to pressure can, pressure canner safety, and what pressure canner we love the most. 

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Food Preservation Pressure Canning

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