Hammered Belt Buckle

Hammered Belt Buckle

Hammered Belt Buckles by Chapel Hill Forge are USA made belt buckles and hand forged by our blacksmith Zad. This belt buckle for men can also be worn by women alike. Hammered buckles are great as western belt buckles and cowboy belt buckles. 

This metal buckle is hand forged in our shop. We start with a 2″ x 3″ piece of steel, and the finished product is a unique belt buckle that’s durable belt buckle for belt and your favorite pair of jeans. 

Hammered Belt Buckle

Hammered Belt Buckle for any Occassion

When Zad started his journey blacksmithing, he had some background in shoeing horses. He was a farrier for a few years, and that really sparked hi interest in pursuing blacksmithing after he was finished being a constable. He was really interested in learning more skills, so he took some classes. 

After some blacksmithing classes, he mostly self taught himself how to blacksmith. He’s always enjoyed the trades, and adding this to his repertoire was exciting. He started with a small forge in his shop, and eventually upgraded. 

These belt buckles are simple enough to be worn daily but beautiful enough to dress up to go out for a date. You can dress up or down any pair of jeans. This metal belt buckle is also the perfect hand forged belt buckle for a pair of dress pants. 

Wear this hammered belt buckle with cowboy boots to go on a date or with work boots out on the job site. Its durable construction will hold up to any activity you need to do. 

The back is smooth with a hook to go into your belt and a loop to put your belt through. You won’t need to worry about your belt being loose or coming undone. 

What is hand forged?

Hand forged is the process of shaping metal with a hammer. Zad uses a hammer he made himself to give each metal belt buckle a unique look. When Zad makes each hand forged belt buckle, his craft shows through loud and clear. You can tell that a skilled artisan has taken time to manipulate the metal into a unique piece. 

The high quality of this hand forged belt buckle is far superior to any mass produced belt buckle that you’ll typically find in stores or on the internet. You can’t replicate any of the hammered belt buckles that Zad makes. Every single one has its own hills and valleys on the face of the metal. 

These are a great statement piece that you can wear for years to come. 

Hand Forged vs. Mass Produced

Mass produced items are not always that great of quality. Mass produced items are made quickly. The goal of mass produced is to be very efficient in a short amount of time. 

That is not the goal at Chapel Hill Forge

Our goal is to make high quality and well made products that aren’t quick and cheap. Manufacturers of mass produced items want speed. There is less quality control, and there are often defects and inconsistencies. 

With hand forged products, like made at Chapel Hill Forge, the products are always fully inspected before they go out the door. Zad inspects each product thoroughly, and Mandy, Zad’s wife, inspects it again before it’s packaged for shipping. Every single piece from belt buckles to fire pokers is looked over from top to bottom and side and side. 

Any inconsistencies you find in the hand forged products from Chapel Hill Forge are a result of the unique qualities you’ll find in handmade. The inconsistencies are never a result of poor quality. 

If you’re looking for originally, you are likely not looking for mass produced. Items made quickly and over and over tend to lack any kind of individual character. The standardized design of mass produced items does not afford a cool, one of a kind look like you’ll get from a hand forged piece, like a hammered belt buckle. 

Hammered Belt Buckles Sealed to Last

If you’re looking for a hammered belt buckle that will last, look no further. Zad seals every single hammered belt buckle with his handmade and custom blended sealing wax. This is a carefully formulated mix of beeswax and mineral oil, and each unique belt buckle is coated with this wax. 

Zad heats the belt buckle up once he’s shaped, hammered, and finished the belt buckle. Then he adds his special sealing wax to the front, back, and all the sides. This sealing wax protects the hammered belt buckle from rusting. 

You will want to reseal your hammered belt buckle every 6 months to a 1 year depending on use, wear, and environment. The procedure to seal your hammered belt buckle is the same as our fire pokers

Learn more about how to seal your fire poker with this video below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel while you’re there! 

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