How to Earn Multiple Income Streams on your Homestead: 10 Examples of Multiple Income Streams

How to Earn Multiple Income Streams on your Homestead:

Multiple income streams can sound intimidating. How do you find multiple income streams? What even are multiple income streams? How can you create multiple income streams? 

If you have a homestead, you could have an infinite amount of income streams at your fingertips. If you aren’t sure if you have a “homestead,” I definitely recommend you read my blog on homesteading

Anywhere you call home is your homestead. You don’t have to have a barnyard full of animals and a huge garden to homestead. 

how to earn multiple income streams on your homestead

How to Earn Multiple Income Streams on your Homestead:

What are multiple income streams?

Multiple income streams very simply means that you have several ways of making money and bringing money into your household. It can be from a “typical” full time job, a part time job, a seasonal job, a once a year gig, or even just making extra money from cash rewards and referrals or affiliate links. 

Multiple income streams can also be passive or active. Some examples of multiple income streams could be income from rental properties and investments. But how do you make any of these happen on your homestead? 

How to Earn Multiple Income Streams on your Homestead:

Why have multiple income streams? 

Life is just uncertain. Natural disasters, illness, job loss, kids, marriage – so many factors play into income. Relying on one stream of income can be risky. 

You likely can’t control what a boss does, so you may lose your single stream of income at any time. You never know when you might get injured or fall ill and not be able to do your once very physical job. You may have a child and can’t return to work because of childcare – or may simply desire to be home with your child(ren). 

Whatever the circumstance, having multiple income streams can be handy. It can give you peace of mind, comfort in your finances, maybe even the ability to buy something that you couldn’t with just one income. 

You might say, “My spouse makes x amount of money, which is plenty for us.” I hear that, but… what if your spouse got hurt tomorrow? What if – Lord forbid – your spouse wasn’t here tomorrow? Relying on one income just comes with putting a lot of faith into a single income stream, which can be stressful. 

How to Earn Multiple Income Streams on your Homestead:

How many income streams do you have?

This is probably a loaded question for us. We have so many income streams because they rotate. Some are seasonal. Some depend on the weather. Some depend on the market and the happenings of the world. Some depend on our own hard work. 

BUT – because they depend on so many factors, we want to keep many streams coming through our household. 

We did not get married and have 3 kids on earth – 2 in heaven – just to send each other out the door every morning and drop the kids at daycare. I’m not putting that down. We lived that life once. Zad was a State Constable, and I worked in an office. Our oldest went to my mom’s everyday for 8 hours. 

It just wasn’t the life we wanted. 

Now that we work for ourselves and got a taste of freedom, we would dread ever going back to that lifestyle. 

If we really sat down and counted all the income streams we have over a year, I would guess we are nearing 50. Some are subcategories, like we have multiple investments, for instance. Some of the investments fluctuate, some stay consistent, it just depends. 

Our primary income stream is our business, obviously. We sell fire pokers most predominantly online through our website and Etsy… which leads me to another point. DO NOT put all of your eggs in one basket. If you ONLY sell in your Facebook group and Facebook goes down, then what? 

Remember when Facebook was down in 2021 for a whole day? Some people’s businesses were crippled in that one day, and had Facebook not “come back” later that night and stayed out for weeks, it could’ve put some people out of business. 

So sell your wares on multiple platforms – EtsyFacebookInstagram, our blog, a good quality website, etc. We sell across all our social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, TwitterYouTubeTikTok. We are most active on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok at this time. 

YouTube is very heavily on our radar, and we follow some really awesome homesteaders. But we just haven’t worked editing what we film into our life yet. So for now – we do reels, stories and TikToks. 

As far as other income streams, I do social media work for several clients, Zad runs hot air balloons with Lancaster Balloon Rides, he helps buddies out when they are short on help with several types of work, I help my sister in law clean a few times a month, we make money off of our credit cards, etc. We also sell our homegrown eggs, plan to sell baby goats, goat milk soap, plants, vegetables and other endless fruits of our labor from the homestead. 

No one income stream would probably sustain us, but all of them together works. 

How to Earn Multiple Income Streams on your Homestead:

sturdy fire poker
So much opportunity

A homestead opens up AMPLE opportunity to earn income. The freedom you can create by having multiple income streams is also unparalleled. You can choose when you work. You can choose how much you want to work. You can choose how much money you want to bring in. 

Now, I’m sure that all sounds idealistic. I guess, sometimes it is. BUT if you set the stage to make your own schedule and decide how much of your life you’re going to give to a job or a particular income stream, you can start paving the road to financial freedom. 

Let’s talk about financial freedom for a minute. That term has a certain connotation. I think people often think financial freedom means they have ample money to do whatever they want. I guess it can mean that, but to us – financial freedom means we can LIVE. We choose when to work, and we choose what income streams are worth our valuable time. Having many income streams lets us be with our family. It lets us homeschool. It lets us experience many different types of work. 

So how can you earn multiple incomes on your homestead?

How to Earn Multiple Income Streams on your Homestead:

1. Sell Eggs

This one seems obvious, but if you have an excessive amount of eggs, selling them to your friends and neighbors can be a great way to bring in a little extra money. We carry a farm policy as part of our homeowners insurance just for an extra layer of protection in case. 
But – if you’re already raising chickens and your family isn’t eating through them fast enough, this can be a great way to add a few bucks to your bank account. If you have 10 chickens now, and your family is eating 10 eggs a day right now, consider adding an extra 6. 
Does your coop have space? Just adding 6 more layers to your flock would give you 3 dozen a week. 
We sell our eggs for $4 a dozen here in south central Pennsylvania. That would be an extra $12 a week – or $50 a month – or $620 a year. Who can’t use an extra $600 a year? 
The great thing about selling eggs is people want to support their local farmers, people want a trusted source for their food, and even if you have a few neighbors who sell eggs – there are plenty of customers! 
You might be short a week, you might have a customer on vacation, you may decide to freeze dry or waterglass eggs a week – there is always going to be a variable. So beef up your chicken coop, add some layers, and get started bringing in some extra income with your eggs! 
Even if you break even on your feed bill, you’re still coming out on top.
Farm Fresh Eggs
how to earn multiple income streams on your homestead

2. Sell baby chicks

Do you already have chickens? Have a rooster in with your hens? The typical recommendation is one rooster per 10 hens, but we have 1 rooster with 20 hens right now, and we still hatched 3 chicks this spring. 
This was our first experience hatching chicks, but we are so excited that we got 3!
Hatching baby chicks is easier than you might think. We gather eggs everyday. When we want to incubate and hatch eggs, we choose a variety of colors – and we get to incubating.
We love this incubator so far.  
To hatch eggs, you’ll follow the instructions in the booklet. Basically, add water to the base, add eggs to the automatic turners, and wait! You will typically get chicks in 18-25 or so days. 
You can use your hatched chicks to either get more eggs to sell, OR you can sell your baby chicks! 
Have fun with it. Expand your flock to have a variety of layers, so you can offer less familiar or less popular breeds. 
If you sell your chicks (even a barnyard mix – which basically means mutts and you aren’t sure what they are) for $3-4 each, you could make $36-48 a dozen instead of $4. 
If you take it one step further and start hatching rarer breeds of chickens, you could make upwards of $75+ a dozen. 
how to earn multiple income streams on your homestead

3. Sell Plant Starts

If you are already growing plants for your own garden, throw in a couple extra seeds. Seeds typically costs cents, but you could sell your plant starts for a few bucks and make money for simply caring for the plant the first few weeks of its life. 
Caring for tender little plants isn’t everyone’s speciality, and people appreciate having sturdy plants to add to their gardens. 
Consider vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Grow funky things! 
Remember – even if you make a few hundred dollars selling plant starts each season, if you sell them for early spring, summer, and fall planting – you might be up to $1000 for the year! 
Garlic is an awesome option for selling “starts,” as you literally just sell heads, and customers can start their own garlic at home! 

4. Sell Indoor Plants 

Do you already have a bunch of thriving house plants? Take some cuttings, grow them into sturdy plants, and sell them! You could offer them in cute pots – think reuse (thrift store, yard sales) – and you can sell them for even more. 
People love the idea of house plants. They love adding some extra oxygen and goodness to their household’s air. 
Take it the extra mile and add a little care card with each plant. Help your customers be successful with their new plant baby. 
how to earn multiple income streams on your homestead

5. Sell Your Skills

Hang with me here. Do you have a valuable skill?
Do you know how to garden? How to can food? How to raise animals? How to raise worms?
Dig deep. Start thinking about what skills you possess. 
You can teach people how to be more self sufficient! 
This can look many ways. You could start on something like Patreon or Outschool. Teach kids about different skills on Outschool, or sell classes on Patreon to adults. 
You could start a YouTube channel. This obviously takes some doing to get followers and views and start generating income, but it can be done!
If you don’t feel very “techy,” support your local fire company, rent their hall (usually super cheat at $100-150 in our area), and teach a live class. 
You should always make sure you have proper insurances in place, if you are going to teach or hold a class. Talk to your agent about what might be needed for this to protect your assets. 

6. Get a Credit Card with Cash Rewards

This one is seriously so easy. We have credit cards to Sam’s Club and Amazon. It just makes sense for us. We don’t rack up a bunch of debt, and we always pay them on time. 
Last year alone, we earned $400 at Sam’s Club. That’s $400 we were able to use to buy groceries – or a whole host of other fun things they offer at Sam’s Club. 
Don’t close your mind off to credit cards. If you’re spending money, you might as well MAKE money on the money you’re already spending!
I expect we’ll earn $500 or more from Amazon in 2022.
There are many cards out there with benefits. If you love to travel, get one with airline miles. If you shop at Walmart or Tractor Supply, see what they offer. 
how to earn multiple income streams on your homestead

7. Become an Affiliate Marketer

You can be an affiliate marketer for many places, with Amazon and Target probably be the most popular. 
Again, if you’re already shopping there, why not earn money? Being an affiliate is easy. Simply sign up, and share the products you love and use with your followers. 
We buy stuff on Amazon all the time. We try to buy what we can locally and grow/make what we can, but some things just have to be bought (grow lights, heat mats, books, etc). 
I am an affiliate marketer for Amazon, and while it’s definitely not the highest earning income stream we have, it helps. 
I add links to my blogs, and I will happily share tips and tricks with Amazon products links with friends when they ask.

8. Sell a product 

For us, that product is steel goods mostly. We sell fire pokers, dinner bells, firestarters, sewed goods, engraved wooded ornaments, and so much more. 
What are you good at? 
Can you sew? Can you lathe? Do you know how to knit? 

Figure out what skill you are good at, and figure out a way to make it profitable.
If you have a Cricut, a laser engraver, an embroidery machine – any of those assets can make you money! Don’t forget to charge what YOU ARE WORTH. 

9. Invest

This one seems like a no brainer, but it can be scary. 
Invest in something. Whether you buy a property that can get some great timber every several years, you buy a property that comes with mineral rights, you invest in the stock market with a reliable financial advisor, or you invest in a company with a friend – find something that can make you some mostly passive income. 
You’ll of course have to keep up with the paperwork, however involved or not involved that may be, but it can really pay off big to invest. 

10. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Ok. Maybe this is more a tip than than a “way,” but it’s important. 
Don’t rely on one single source of income. I get it. Some people like a 40 hour a week job, and that satisfies them. I can’t relate to that, but I do know people that legitimately enjoy their “typical” 40 hour week. 
However, as I said before, if the one salary sustaining your household fell apart for whatever reason, you could be in a really tough spot. 
When Zad had his heart attack back in December 2021, I was plotting in my head what income streams would have to get beefed up or come to the forefront in case he couldn’t pound steel anymore. 
Thankfully, he fully recovered and sustained zero damage to his heart, BUT I was so grateful in that time to have already established income streams to lessen the panic in a very scary time. 

The moral of this story is: life is unpredictable, and you should try to prepare as best you can. 

Preparing looks different to people. Being prepared might mean having food on the shelf for 6 months to a year, it might mean stashing some cash under the mattress, it might mean having a really solid IRA – whatever it is – start thinking and planning. 

How to Earn Multiple Income Streams on your Homestead…

How would you make money if one or more of your income streams disappeared? 

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