Farm Fresh Eggs in Lancaster County

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Farm Fresh Eggs in Lancaster County

Our farm fresh eggs in Lancaster County come from happy hens. They have over a thousand square feet of space to forage and eat bugs all day long. Their coops are cleaned regularly, and they have plenty of room for nesting in boxes to lay eggs and roost at night.

Price is per one dozen eggs.

The Leggetts care for their chickens several times a day. Checking for eggs, filling feeders, checking water, checking fencing, cleaning coops and so forth – and the hens reward them!

When you order eggs from us, you can expect fresh, clean, high quality eggs with delicious yellow yolks.

Our girls eat a variety of foods from grain sourced from the local feed mill, bugs, foraged greens, as well as scraps from the homestead, including fruit and veggie scraps, unwanted leftovers, and a whole host of a variety of foods.

Our eggs are for local pick up only. When you order, please specify what day you would like to pick up. We have a cooler out front that will house your eggs until you’re here for them. Your egg carton(s) will have your name on it.

The eggs we provide are a rainbow of colors, from pinks to blues to greens to whites to browns. We have a variety of hen breeds, and our roosters are kind to our hens.

Our farm fresh eggs are considered unclassified, as the sizes/colors/shapes will vary.

Obviously, we cannot make hens lay, so if we don’t have enough to fill your order on your preferred day, or if the hens are in a laying lull (like in winter), we will reach out to refund your money or make other arrangements.

Looking for a great way to keep eggs in your fridge? We love these egg holders!

Feel free to bring back your egg cartons, and we will happily recycle them!

Want to learn more about our homestead? Check out our blog!

We hope you love your farm fresh eggs!