Wooden Chicken Magnet

Add your favorite animal – chicken – to your fridge!


Wooden chicken magnets are just fun.

Do you LOVE your chickens? We have about 30 chickens here on the homestead, and we love all of them. They are so funny with so much personality.

Add this magnet to your fridge, stove or dishwasher. It’s engraved from light colored wood. The lettering shows as a brown color when engraved. These magnets are about 4″ tall and wide. They are precision cut on a laser engraver.

Need something custom? We can do more than just Wooden Chicken Magnets.

Send us an email. We can design a magnet for you that includes your business logo, your favorite saying, even a picture. Price will vary for custom designs.

These magnets are sturdy and include a sturdy magnet on the back. The magnet is sticky and is also glued for extra grip. Will work on most magnetic surfaces, like a fridge or stove.

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