Sturdy Custom Wooden Garden Markers



Custom Wooden Garden Markers

Sturdy Wooden Garden Markers are the most organized thing you will add to your garden this year!

We can customize these to exactly your garden. If you need a lot of detail, for example – “Facing Heaven Pepper” – we will likely simply engrave your lettering instead of cutting it out because of space.

Choose your vegetables during checkout. If you need something custom, just leave a note when you order, and we will take care of it. If something won’t fit, we will be in touch about how to rectify that situation.

These wooden garden markers are about 8″ tall from top to bottom. About 4″ of the wooden garden marker is an arrow, so you will get a good sturdy hold in your dirt.

The lettering sticks out above the dirt. You will easily be able to identify all of your beautiful vegetables in the garden at a glance!

Wooden garden markers are made from thin wood that we seal with spar urethane. The weather, condition of your soil and frequency of watering will determine how long your markers will last.

Lettering and marker is precision cut on our laser engraver. Sealed by hand.

Never lose track of your precious harvest again with these wooden garden markers!

Need a wholesale amount? Contact us for special pricing!

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We hope you love your wooden garden markers and that your garden is a success this year. We love starting our seeds in the winter and having sturdy plants ready to go into the garden for spring.

We are also getting a greenhouse soon, so stayed tune on our blog for fun details about that!

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Fast shipping. These are made one at a time by hand and ship from Lancaster County, PA. We ship Priority Mail for this product, so you should have it in 1-3 shipping days (Monday through Saturday) in most cases. Production time is 5-7 business days.

Local to Lancaster County, PA? We have a pick up shed where you can pick up as soon as your order is ready.

We stand behind all of our products. If you aren’t 100% happy, please let us know. We’ll try to rectify the situation as best as possible. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram, too!

We are a small shop in the river hills of Lancaster County, PA, and we love small country living. All our handcrafted decor and jewelry is created in our barn. Family time is so important to us, and we appreciate your support of our small business.

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