Zad’s Journey to Self

After fighting and winning the battle against cancer, Zad had a few different jobs. He never really settled on anything that he truly loved, until he became a State Constable.

He loved that job. Everyday was different, and he felt valuable. The state of PA sadly decided to restructure the whole system, and all of the time and money that Zad had put into his career was flushed down the toilet in about a minute.

He struggled for a few years to feel like he belonged anywhere. He was working on building his business – Chapel Hill Forge, but as any entrepreneur knows, it’s not instant. He was helping care for their son Bud while Mandy went to work.

Working towards finding your purpose is a lifelong journey. Zad is happy being a blacksmith and doing custom metal projects for his customers. He loves now being an artist and doing something new and exciting when someone comes along that can’t find anyone else to help them with their need.

Don’t give up finding yourself. If you want to chase a new business or a new career or go back to school – chase it. Grief can come in the form of losing a human, but you are also allowed to grieve a job.

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