Genuine Dinner Bells: Bringing Families to the Dinner Table

Dinner Bells for your Porch

Do you eat dinner with your family or people you love most days of the week? We usually eat around our island, but almost always, we eat together. Bud goes to to his dad’s every other weekend, so he isn’t here then – and it does feel like there’s a hole.

Zad or I usually prepare dinner. Bud helps, and I’m sure Jamey will help as he gets older. In the spring/summer/fall, we love incorporating fresh vegetables from our garden into dinner. In the winter, we tap into our basement stash of canned goods we made or veggies we froze.

We have almost always eaten dinner together since Bud and I met Zad in 2012, and I hope it’s something that Bud enjoys for life. Even when he’s out of our house and in his own, I hope he enjoys coming home to enjoy meals with us more often than not.

Fun Fact: “Studies have shown that teenagers who regularly eat dinner with their families are less likely to engage in illicit behavior involving drugs and alcohol and more likely to get better grades and be mentally and physically healthy.” -Psychology Today

I grew up eating dinner with my family almost every night, too. Even with band, sports, Scouts and whatever else was happening, we still managed to almost always have dinner together. My mom was a rockstar. She had dinner ready by 6pm when my dad got home, and it was always on point.

dinner bell

If your homestead needs a dinner makeover, sit down and chat with your family about having dinner together. Maybe you can meal plan or look through your freezers and pantry and make your grocery list together. Dinner bells are a great way to bring everyone in to enjoy the meal together. 

Check out our dinner bells here:

Zad makes every single dinner bell by hand. He heats the steel, bends it and makes the “dinger,” as we call it. Enjoy your family meal tonight <3

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