Beeswax Wraps – Brownie Pan Cover – Bowl Cover – 10×10


Learn how to use our beeswax wraps here:

Our premium Beeswax Wraps come in RANDOM PATTERNS, thoughtfully crafted with locally sourced beeswax, nourishing jojoba oil, and the natural adhesive properties of pine tar resin. Elevate your eco-friendly kitchen with these versatile wraps that seamlessly transition from bowl covers to sandwich wraps, providing a sustainable and reusable alternative to plastic wrap. The locally harvested beeswax ensures a high-quality product while supporting local beekeepers and promoting environmental responsibility.

The addition of jojoba oil enhances the wraps’ flexibility and extends their lifespan, while pine tar resin contributes a natural stickiness, allowing them to securely mold around containers or seal in the freshness of your favorite sandwiches. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and sustainability with our Beeswax Wraps – a simple yet impactful choice for a greener kitchen and a healthier planet.

These are 10X10 and work great for square 8×8 or 9×9 pans – or circle pans, bowls, bread loaf pans, pie plates, etc!