Ways to Preserve Eggs

Are you overwhelmed with eggs from your chickens? 

Learn about all the ways to preserve eggs. I walk you through the steps to preserve your excess eggs so you have no waste! It’s always great to bring in tons of eggs, but then what do you do with them?!
This video will talk about ways to preserve eggs, how to preserve eggs long term, how to preserve eggs in lime water, and I touch on preserving eggs in salt. 
You can see our water glassing eggs video here. 

We love eggs!

With our 50 chickens at any given time, we have always had to get creative to use up all of our eggs. We sell them to our local community, but there are always times of year when we have way too many! 
This video will give you tips on how to pickle eggs with old pickle brine. You don’t have to make fresh brine every single time. 
Farm fresh eggs - local colorful eggs arranged in cardboard egg cartons. The eggs are of various shades, including brown, white, green, blue, and speckled. The vibrant colors and diverse patterns on the eggshells indicate their freshness and natural origins. The rustic cardboard egg cartons provide a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. The image reflects the charm of a local farm and the rich variety of fresh eggs it offers.

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