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Our Story

Chapel Hill Forge started in 2016 as a result of a job loss. Their blacksmith Zad has faced it all - from the loss of his dad and brother at a young age to cancer to a heart attack and beyond. His family is in the process of moving their homestead to a larger property, which you can follow on YouTube, but learn about their backstory here...

What our customers say...

Quality Products

Chapel Hill Forge is a small family business.
We are a modern blacksmith making fire pokers and shovels, and homesteaders producing
eggs and soap. Thank you for supporting our little family!

How We Work

Chapel Hill Forge is modern blacksmith and homesteading family based out of Mifflin County, PA. Zad loves a challenge and has a variety of skills from metal work to carving signs to small appliance repairs. He's truly a Jack of All Trades! All products are made and forged by hand. We appreciate your support and cannot wait to share our passion with you through our handmade goods!

The Leggett Homestead

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