Personalized Fire Poker – Extra Long

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This heavy duty fire pit poker is our most popular product because it is superior and great for camping, cabins or at home for fires.

Choose 36″ 48″, 60″ or 72″ for your length. All pokers are 1/2″ steel. Made to last!

Want to add customization and have a personalized fire poker? Simply type in the characters you’d like on your poker into the NOTES section. You can have up to 10 characters on your customized fire poker. 

*If you have any confusion about this part, please call Zad at 717-989-6965. We will be happy to help!

Everyone who has fires needs fire pit poker tools.

This is a great fire poker for camping. A campfire poker should be easy to transport and sturdy – and this poker meets both those needs. A personalized fire pit poker is a great gift!

Fire Poker Sizing

The 72″ long fire poker sturdy fire pit poker does not come with a center twist due to length.

Our most popular fire poker is the 60″ length. The 60 inch fire poker is a great size for storing in your camper’s belly or for keeping in your shed near your family’s backyard fire pit.

The 48″ is a great compromise for your backyard fire pit, too, as it’s usually long enough to sit in your chair, enjoy the fire and keep the coals stoked for a warm burning fire on those cool fall nights.

The 36″ sturdy fire poker is usually a popular choice for indoor coal and wood stoves. It’s just the perfect length to stoke the fire and still be far enough away for safety.

The largest of our fire pokers, the 72″ is an amazing piece to have for your bonfire pit. It might even become a conversation piece! A large fire poker is a great gift!

Learn how to seal your fire pit poker to make it last for years on our YouTube channel!

Unmatched Durability

No matter what size you choose, we know you will love the durability and sturdiness that comes with every single one of our handmade fire pit pokers (fire pit poker stick).

This modern style poker is welded and has a more defined hook.  All of our fire pokers are sealed with our handmade steel sealing wax.

Zad started blacksmithing after a love of being a farrier (shoeing horses). He took a few classes, and he’s been mostly self taught.

He loves to learn new ways of blacksmithing and metal working, and he’s constantly pushing the limits when customers ask for custom products.

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Fire pokers have been our #1 seller for years.

Every Christmas, hundreds of fire pokers go out of our little shop, and we love passing along a product that we know will last our customers for a long time.

They are so well made that you can carry it from home to camper to cabin – or buy one for all 3!

When you buy from our small business, you are supporting a family that loves micro business, loves homesteading and loves family.

We work hard to give our kids the best life they can have by submerging them in their passions.

Need a shovel to go with your fire poker? Order the set!

We also offer homemade firestarters that work great every time the first time.

Our son Bud, who is 12, makes them. Order them here, or follow him on Facebook!

His firestarters combined with our fire pit poker will give you a great time outdoors next to your fire pit every time!

3-4 week Production Time

Fast FREE shipping over $100. These are made one at a time by hand and ship from Mifflin County, PA.

We ship Priority Mail for this product, so you should have it in 1-3 shipping days (Monday through Saturday) in most cases.

Local to Mifflin or Lancaster County, PA? We have a pick up shed where you can pick up as soon as your order is ready. We make pick up contactless and easy.

Just choose pick up when you check out on the website, and we will send you an email with pick up instructions as soon as your order is ready.

If you ever have trouble finding us when you are getting your order, never hesitate to call. We are happy to help you safely and quickly retrieve your fire pit poker order.

Supporting Small Business

We stand behind all of our products. If you aren’t 100% happy, please let us know. We’ll try to rectify the situation as best as possible. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram, too!

We are a small shop in the mountains of Mifflin County, PA, and we love small country living. All our handcrafted decor and jewelry is created in our barn.

Family time is so important to us, and we appreciate your support of our small business.

Our blog post on these Fire Pit Pokers will give you all the extra info you need!

If you’ve been searching for the best fire pit poker for your backyard campfires or for your camping trips, you have come to the right place.

Our fire pokers are superior quality, and every single one is made by hand. Zad, our blacksmith, forges all the fire pokers in our forge and reinforces them with solid welds.

This combination of techniques makes for the best fire pit poker that will last and is always reliable.

Zad is our blacksmith and metal fabricator. He starts every fire pit poker with a piece of half inch steel.

He manipulates the metal to form a point. He does this in our forge, and he will use a combination of our power hammer and hand hammering to make the perfect point for moving around logs in your fire pit.

After he’s happy with the point of the fire pit poker, he will work on the handle. You can see the handle above. It’s a beautiful curl that makes your fire pit poker easy to hold.

Once the point and curl are finished, he adds two twists. This gives the fire pit poker a great finished look and adds a little flare.

After he makes the point, curled handle and twists, he makes the hook.

The hook is made with the forge and good old hammering power by hand. He makes the hook pointy also, so you have extra grab when you are working your fire.

Finally, he heats up the fire poker and seals it with our handmade wax. This wax is a combination of beeswax and mineral oil, and Zad blends it by hand.

We seal every single piece of steel that leaves our shop to prevent rust.

You can buy a tin of steel sealing wax when you order your fire pit poker.