Steel Sealing Wax – Food Grade Sealing Wax


Steel Sealing Wax

We make this steel sealing wax that’s food grade wax from scratch.

Learn how to us our steel sealing wax in our YouTube video here.

Our Steel Sealing Wax is made of beeswax and mineral oil. Works great on our fire pokers, fire shovels, meat hooks, bottle openers and more. We seal all of our products before they go out the door to prevent rust and corrosion.

We recommended that you reseal your products every 6 months to a year with our steel sealing wax to keep up this level of protection. The tin is 2 ounces.

Simply heat up your steel product. Take a rag or fine wire brush or old rag, rub the wax over the product and let dry. A little goes a long way! Once it looks wet and evenly coated, you’ve got enough. Wipe excess off with rag.

Steel sealing wax keeps your products like new, easy to apply and hand mixed in our shop.


Fast shipping. These are made one at a time by hand and ship from Lancaster County, PA. We ship First Class Mail for this product, so you should have it in 1-3 shipping days (Monday through Saturday) in most cases. Production time is 2-3 business days.

Local to our Lancaster County, PA? We have a pick up shed where you can pick up as soon as your order is ready. We stand behind all of our products. If you aren’t 100% happy, please let us know. We’ll try to rectify the situation as best as possible. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram, too!

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