How to Freeze Dry Eggs: Keeping Eggs for 25 Years on the Shelf

How to Freeze Dry Eggs

Are you looking to freeze dry eggs? I’ll give you step by step instructions on how to freeze dry eggs and give them a shelf life of up to 25 years! Having something shelf stable like eggs can be invaluable. Eggs are literally the perfect food. They have tons of nutrients and protein, and they can be used in so many applications. 

How to Freeze Dry Eggs: 25 Year Shelf Life

How to Freeze Dry Eggs: Are you OVERRUN with eggs through the Spring, Summer, and Fall? 

We love all forms of eggs. Waterglassed, pickled, salt cured – take your pick, we do it and love it! When Spring hits, we usually have more eggs than we can use fresh. We sell our eggs to our local customers, which is a great way to help with feed costs. Selling our eggs to local customers helps us offset our feed bill, and we are providing fresh, yummy eggs from happy hens to our community. 
BUT even after all of the waterglassings, pickling, salt curing, and selling – we almost always have eggs left. You can learn about water glassing eggs on our YouTube channel here. 
The freeze dryer has given us yet another way to preserve eggs, and it’s the longest term storage option we have at up to 25 years. If you’re interested in a freeze dryer, you can check them out here. 
We want to make sure we have eggs from our hens all year, and the way we do that is through preservation. 

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