Fireplace Set – Fire Poker and Shovel


Enjoy this Fireplace Set for Life!

This fireplace set includes a fire poker and shovel and features a blacksmithed, hand forged handle with a twist. The shovel head is textured and riveted to the handle for extra stability. The hook on the fire poker is sturdy and just the perfect size for stoking a fire. Shovel and poker are 36″ long. 

Choose your fire poker and shovel set lengths for this fireplace set. A hole is in the end of each handle for easy hanging. These are coated in clear wax to preserve their integrity and prevent rust. Each fireplace set is meticioulslcy inspected before it leaves! 

Durable and sturdy fireplace set. Sealed to prevent rust. Great for indoor stoves or outdoor fire pits. Perfect for cabin owners and campers or homeowners. Our products are top quality, so you’ll likely never have to replace your fire poker and shovel set!

All handles with this set are 1/2″, and all pokers are 1/2″ for this fireplace set.

Zad started blacksmithing after a love of being a farrier (shoeing horses). He took a few classes, and he’s been mostly self taught. He loves to learn new ways of blacksmithing and metal working, and he’s constantly pushing the limits when customers ask for custom products.

Fire pokers have been our #1 seller for years.

Every Christmas, hundreds of fire pokers go out of our little shop, and we love passing along a product that we know will last our customers for a long time. They are so well made that you can carry it from home to camper to cabin – or buy one for all 3!

Check out our YouTube Channel to learn how to seal your fire poker and shovel to make them last forever!

When you buy from our small business, you are supporting a family that loves micro business, loves homesteading and loves family. We work hard to give our kids the best life they can have by submerging them in their passions.

Need just a fire poker? You can get that here!

3-4 week Production Time for Fireplace Set

Fast shipping. These are made one at a time by hand and ship from Lancaster County, PA. Zad makes each one with love and makes sure that he is only sending out high quality tools that you’ll have forever to enjoy with your family and friends.

We ship Priority Mail for this product, so you should have it in 1-3 shipping days (Monday through Saturday) in most cases. Obviously there have been some mail delays lately, but we hope that your order arrives in a timely manner.

If you have any issues with delivery, please reach out to us. We will do our best to work with the Postal Service and get the issue resolved.

Local to Lancaster County, PA? We have a pick up shed where you can pick up as soon as your order is ready. We are committed to having safe and contactless pick up as we continue to navigate the effects of COVID-19 and the pandemic. We will give you specific instructions for pick up when your order is ready.

Supporting Small Business

We stand behind all of our products. If you aren’t 100% happy, please let us know. We’ll try to rectify the situation as best as possible. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram, too! We are also on Pinterest.

If you have a podcast, reach out! We would love to be a guest on your show to talk about entrepreneurship, micro/small business, blacksmithing, metal working, homeschooling or homesteading.

We are a small shop in the river hills of Lancaster County, PA, and we love small country living. All our handcrafted decor, tools and jewelry are created in our barn. Family time is so important to us, and we appreciate your support of our small business.

We truly hope you LOVE your new fire poker and shovel set and that it serves you well around campfires and in your stoves for years to come!

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