3 Reasons to Have a Wood Stove

Reasons to Have a Wood Stove

Are you considering getting a wood stove for your home? There are many benefits to having a wood stove for heat. Consider adding this to your home in the warmer months of the year so that you are prepared for when winter comes. 

3 Reasons to Have a Wood Stove

1. Warmth: Obviously, wood stoves put out heat. If you have never experienced the difference between “hot heat” and “cool heat” – then you are missing out! Wood stoves – and coal stoves – put out “hot heat,” as we call it. It FEELS warm. You aren’t just feeling a warm air blow on you like you would with a forced air situation. Wood stove heat can’t be beat. You will always get the cozy winter vibes when you’re burning a wood fire in your home. 
2. Ambiance: Wood stoves put off an ambiance that can’t be beat. You will not only FEEL the warmth of the fire, but you’ll be able to see the fire burning through the clear glass, if you have that style. The fire burning with a hot cup of coffee and a good book – what could be better?! 
3. Cost Savings: You will save money all around with a wood stove. You can burn slab wood, which is super cheap. Learn about burning slab wood on our YouTube channel. Regular firewood can be found fairly inexpensively, also. If you have friends or neighbors dropping trees, ask them if you can have their dropped trees. Most times people are happy to have someone get rid of them for them. Make sure you are burning hard woods only. Soft woods are not good for chimneys. Hard woods will also put out better heat. Obviously, you’ll reduce your electric, propane, or natural gas bill by using wood, too. 

Reasons to Have a Wood Stove: 

What tools do I need to have a wood stove?

We recommend having these tools on hand when you decide to have a wood stove in your home for heat: 

Our fire pokers are top notch. They are well made by hand, sturdy, and they will last. You won’t have to worry about having an inferior fire poker from a big box store that’s junk. Zad makes each fire poker one at a time with care and attention to detail. Our fire pokers can be customized with your initials or family name, and we offer them in 4 sizes. The twists in the handle give it a great look and help you keep a good grip while you’re working on the fire. The hook is the perfect size to move logs around, as well as work your kindling or firestarters around to get a solid fire going. 
2. Fire Shovel
Zad also makes high quality fire shovels. Like the fire pokers, he makes each one by hand with attention to detail. The fire shovels come in one size – 36″. They are mostly used for in home fireplaces or wood stoves, so we don’t make them larger for outdoor fire pits, like our 48″, 60″, and 72″ fire pokers. Use this shovel to safely remove ash from your stove. The fire shovel comes with the same style twist as the fire poker, so you can feel confident that you’ll have a great grip on your shovel as you remove potentially hot ash. 
Our son Bud makes the best firestarters you’ll ever use. They are also made one at a time, and he’s been making them for several years. They are very popular in our local area. They are made of coated paper cups, wood shavings, and wax, and they burn cleanly and slowly to get you a great fire every single time. 
4. Cast Iron Pot
This could really be optional, but you may enjoy having a cast iron pot on top of your wood stove. This will help add moisture to the air, and you can add essential oils, cinnamon sticks, or dried fruits to the water for a touch of gentle fragrance in your home while you have a fire.
5. Ash Bin 
Having a safe place to dispose of ash is important. We have a large metal tank that we converted into an ash bin, but you could use any metal container to safely put hot ash into when you take it from your ash tray in the stove outside. Once your ash is cooled, you can use it for lining paths at your home, soaking up mud in soupy areas, or add it to the compost pile. 

We talked a lot about the advantages of a wood stove in this article. Still have questions on the reasons to have a wood stove? Feel free to reach out to us via social media on Facebook or Instagram, or email us at chapelhillforge@gmail.com

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